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Monday, March 27, 2017 : New Giveaways and TOP Follower AlyssaG
TOP Follower is back and so are giveaways! Visit for new details on how to earn points and how to be supportive to Alyssa G. Points (vibes) are used to purchase giveaway items and are earned through being supportive.
Monday, July 11, 2016 : AlyssaG
FULL Point update almost here!!
Monday, November 21, 2016 : AlyssaG
Fully updated!
Wednesday, August 3, 2016 : FAQ's AlyssaG
Sunday, June 26, 2016 : New Site Up and Running
This system is to keep track of entry points for give-aways by @alyssagalarza on instagram. You may also follow the direct giveaway page @alyssaggiveaways. Alyssa G is an American recording artist in the R & B pop genre. She does giveaways for fun and to allow her followers to get the products she enjoys herself daily.
New ENTRY POINTS and users not listed WILL BE ADDED AFTER this giveaway. (updated info is on paper and must be transferred)

[b]Here are some easy answers to FAQ

Character= Person participating in giveaways
Roster=List of giveaway participants
Raid= Each giveaway
Admin/Administrator= authorized person that runs things
Standings= last updated entry points
Giveaway forum= place to chat with other giveaway participants (NO ADS or SPAM!)
Item prices= future items that can be purchased with giveaway entry points!
Items received= Items won or purchased
Win analysis = past wins
Wanted items= items you want
Requested items = items you request from ADMIN or others giveaway winners.
Availability= item availability or character availability (if taking a break)

Ranks vary from users that are vistors to those that are extremely active on @alyssagalarza's social media pages to those with high entry counts or high participation in Alyssa's giveaways. Each rank gives a different level of access in giveaways and in this system. some pages are not visible without certain ranks. Some events or giveaways will be open to higher ranks only. For example, Diamond rank members can earn lipkits with activity points!
Goodluck and have fun!
Non-member: visitor
New participant (little to no entries)
Participant entries but low activity
Newb Doll
Brass Doll
Bronze Doll
Silver Doll
Golden Doll
Diamond Doll
Platinum Doll
Ways to raise your rank:
Be active on Alyssa Galarza's social media pages
(always monitered)
Comment oftern, tag alyssagalarza, repost, participate, comment, like, tweet, comment on 's photos and blog. Make fun or coll edits, Be active on this point system site, be friendly to other participants and make friends. Above all, have fun!

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